The Key To Success

People often ask me, “What’s your key to success?” I tell them, “Outlast your competition.” 

My mentor Don Pfrimmer was honest enough to warn me when I started writing seriously that the average time to get your first good cut was about four years. He was right on the nose—though it took a lot longer to have my first hit. 

Most will never have the patience or the resources to make it the first four years. And, if they make that, most won’t make it another four. It’s so easy to get depressed, broke, or jaded that so many talented people can’t last the long haul, and the music business is a long haul. It’s heavy with frustration, rejection, and disappointment. So, you have to fight that with work, focus, and faith. 

It’s even harder now than it was when I started. But, if you believe music is what you’re called to do, then just outlast the competition and be the last one standing!

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